Our People

The Murphy Chair Company is a family-owned business that has been managed by descendants of founder M.J. Murphy since 1872.  More important than the Murphy family, however, are the thousands of individuals that have made Murphy Chair Company successful.

From the few in Detroit in 1872, to more than a thousand in the early 1900’s in Detroit and Owensboro.  Throughout, the progress of Murphy Chair remains attributable to its people and to these principles:

  1. A “One Price” Policy.
  2. Quality Chairs at Reasonable Cost.
  3. Constant Integrity and Fair Dealing.

Michael Joseph (M.J.) Murphy


Stephen (Steve) Michael Johnson

General Manager
Great-Great Grandson of M.J. Murphy
5th Generation

Jacob Murphy (Murph) Johnson

Director of Business Development
Great-Great-Great Grandson of M.J. Murphy
6th Generation

Charles Riley (C.R.) Murphy

General Manager
1st Generation

Joseph Gleeson (Glee) Murphy, Sr.

Vice President and General Manager
2nd Generation

Joseph (Gleeson) Murphy, Jr.

President and General Manager
3rd Generation

Stephen (Steve) James Murphy

Secretary and Production Manager
3rd Generation